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X8Currency project


X8Currency is based on ioNectar’s own technology and stands out as a currency that is unsurpassed in stability and safety. It is a blockchain token actively working for its holder. Backed by 8 major currencies and gold, its reserves are placed in the safest financial infrastructure in Switzerland. To access the entire spectrum of benefits of X8Currency, X8X utility tokens are required.

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Swiss Managements involvement in the blockchain development is well known. Apart from our direct involvement in the X8 project we aim to bring clarification to the often confusing topics of blockchain, Bitcoin, distributed ledger technology (DLT), crypto-currencies and related innovations. Helping clients by providing actionable advice on how these innovations will add value to their business now, and in the future.

What makes us different? Through our network of partners, we can offer support and execution, others that focus exclusively on the technology development and those in academia who define and explore the crypto economic models. We bring together expertise in all of these areas to focus on the specific needs of your business, drawing from a broad network to deliver targeted, actionable, practical advice. We combine and connect all relevant partners for your needs.

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