Account structures

Depending on your needs Swiss Management can you provide you with the matching account set up.

As the banking environment change rapidly due to changes in bank policy and regulation in the typical of shore banking centers, you have to be very accurate in terms of your needs in order to get the best solution.

Swiss Management is working with many different destinations, where some are strong in cash flow management, credit cards; others are strong in wealth management and geared lending and again others have their expertise in offering loans and credits for projects.

We work with banks in among others the following countries: Denmark, Latvia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Ras al Kharmai (UAE), Mauritius, Seychelles, Singapore or Hong Kong.

Your destination should depend on your activity; whether you need a corporate account or a private account, if you need wealth management or more funding for your venture capital project or just a loan for property. You should also think about, whether you need an on shore or of shore destination.

You are welcome to describe us your needs in a mail and get our recommendation.