Investment Funds & Managed Accounts

Swiss Management is not normally acting as an asset manager but does have close contacts to some of the best Asset Managers in the market of which we show a few. The use of Investment Funds is the best way to diversify your fortune. We aim to show Funds and managed accounts of managers that have a bit higher risk profile. Check with us if the opportunity, that you are interested in corresponds to your risk profile. Please be aware that some of these products can not be purchased by Swiss citizens.

Kris Kon US Oil Fund

Kris Kon US Oil Fund
The fund is securitizing cash flow streams generated from U.S. oil wells production. The Fund invests in a portfolio of Working Interest in U.S. Oil & Gas wells and will distribute any returns made through the operation of these wells to the investor on a quarterly basis. Investments are made under the main principal of risk diversification. The Fund is not linked to the performance of equities, bonds or commercial properties and therefore provides an additional level of asset allocation for the investor. The fund aims to achieve a return of 10-15% p.a. The fund is set up under Luxembourg law.

BEF Fund

BEF Fund Balkan Emerging Frontiers is a regulated fund focused on the stock markets of former Yugoslavia, which have huge potential and are uncorrelated with global markets. They are still very inefficient and there are plenty of investment opportunities available. IM has 18 years of valuable experience investing in the region. They have excellent contacts in the region, and so they are capable to access and evaluate information quickly in order to exploit investment opportunities.

CFP Funds

CFP FundsIQS Fund is an absolute return investment combining 2 managers to trade the rising and falling movements of the world's five main commodity market sectors. You are welcome to call for more information.

Be aware that this fund cannot be bought by Swiss citizens.