Corporate services

Swiss Management Ltd has developed an expertise in handling corporate portfolios during the past 10 years. With a team of investment professionals around the globe, Swiss Management Ltd provides an all round service for clients where ever they are. With representatives on almost every continent, Swiss Management Ltd is always close to its clients.

The institutional demand for diversification, cash flow, return etc. is so different from the classic Asset Management approach that different strategies have to be incorporated. Cash flow movements that would influence the average return of the portfolio have to be scheduled and planned in many ways. The use of derivatives and structured products that make a portfolio "all weather proof", demand solid and innovative strategies and excellent contacts in the financial market to create the right tailored solution for each portfolio.

Swiss Management Ltd is proud of its corporation with several international banks and financial institutions that help to produce the sort of Investment Advice that normally only is reserved for the "big players".

Should your company/institution be interested in discussing in detail the tailor made portfolio solution that fits your needs, please do not hesitate to contact our corporate specialists and fund managers.

Swiss Management Ltd has a history of, in cooperation with international financial institutions, create, launch and place securities backed with underlying portfolios of among others high quality Real Estate.

We are proud as consultants to help creating investment opportunities in asset classes with a high degree of security due to diversification and guarantees quoted by our trusted financial corporation partners.