Venture Capital

Throughout history economic development and improvement in the human condition have been fuelled by technological achievement and its commercial application. The commercialization of science and technology in telecommunications, computer systems and the life sciences will continue to be a fundamental force driving social and economic change and improving quality of life throughout the world for many years to come.

Entrepreneurs with the vision and determination to bring these new technologies to the marketplace have built the dominant companies of today and will build the dominant companies of the future. One of the goals of Swiss Management has been to partner with visionary entrepreneurs and help create valuable new companies and important new industries by investing early-stage capital in exciting, new, technology based opportunities.

Private Placements are an efficient way for a company to raise capital to aid in quick growth or expansion. Private Placements provide for an appreciation in the share price once a company's stock starts trading on a public exchange. With recent market stagnation and volatility many strong companies who are interested in growth capital have taken the position that they are not willing to enter the stock market at a time when initial public offerings (IPO's) may either fail to perform in such a way as to fully raise required funds or not reflect a company's value when trading commences.

The times are changing for sophisticated investors. Many of today's millionaires were yesterday's conservative retail stock buyers. The reason for their success is simple. Rather than get in at the IPO or market trading stage through traditional brokers they have taken the same investment capital and invested in companies that they believed in at the early stage rather than pay the full retail rates.

Swiss Management provides information about emerging growth companies with well researched and carefully selected business plans and research reports on aggressively growing companies with plans to enter the public market at the time which is most precipitous to maximize shareholder value. Private Placement shareholders are now involved in building portfolio equity which they could cash in at very significant returns way beyond their original investment.

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