Real Estate Investments

The low interest level in most markets make traditional types of investment less interesting and investors are seeking alternatives. Higher returns are mostly related to higher risk and doubtful underlying assets. In the past Real Estate has therefore always been interesting. Especially now with prices having slumped in many countries and with the low interest rates on loans. It was never before so cheap to borrow, if you were credit worthy.

Swiss Management has entered into cooperation with some of the best entrepreneurs and construction companies and is concentrating on the real estate market in many large cities in Germany, Austria, Denmark and other EU countries.

Swiss Management ensures that the capital flow goes directly to the project in question. Contracts will be made directly between the client and the project owners Our role is to identify successful projects with identified buyers, once the project has been completed. Investment horizon for this so called mezzanine investment is typically between 12 and 36 months depending on the size of the project.

An interesting alternative in a difficult market. Call us for more information.